I take no responsability if ANY of these files cause harm to your computer or does not work properly since I havn't even tryed them myself.


Game Editors

Enables you to create and edit your own map. Here is the How-to file.

Agents change to anime characters

Agent pictures change to world celebrities

Agent pictures change to Hollywood celebrities

X-Pack 1
Changes the Megapol armor.

X-Pack 3
Changes the weapons pictures to new ones.

PCK Manipulator v1.3
Lets you edit the .PCK files and save them as .PCX files. Comes with documentation.

Changes the loading screens

Overkill v1.1 beta 2
An infantry, weapons and vehicles editor.

XME v1.0
Windows 95 Map Editor. Go Here for instructions.

Midnight X-COM Editor

X-COM Apocalypse Editor v 1.2



Demo Cheat .Txt File

Money Editor
Make Changes in your account.

Alien Killer v0.1



The X-Com Apocalypse font

SmackPlay Viewer
Playes .SMK movies.

GoldWave RAW editor ver. 3.24
Enables you to play .RAW files (sounds).
Also visit www.goldwave.com.